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Canon develops the advanced technology for printing. You may obtain printers with various designs, sizes, technology, and features. Each printer is built for certain purpose. Of course, some Canon printers are multi functions. On the other side, Canon creates the printer that can do the direct printing. For this purpose, you should rely on Canon CP100. At first glance, design is quite small with sleek and thin size. Based on official information, maximum size for paper is 4×6 inch.

Canon CP100 has length 17.2 cm, width 17.8 cm, and height 6 cm. Based on those sizes, you can see this printer is relatively portable and compact. With such size, you will get few benefits. Firstly, the printer does not spend much space if you need carrying in many places. You just put inside back alongside camera. This portability is main benefit that makes CP100 more reliable as direct printer. After taking photo, connect the printer and camera then obtain printing result immediately. Canon provides accessories such as a case for the safety cover. This printer has weight 910 gram that is bigger than its predecessor is.

This printer uses technology called dye-sublimation and thermal transfer. This process will make a paper can obtain high-resolution photo 3000 x 300 dpi. The gradation level is approximately 256 levels per color and color depth is 24-bit. Canon CP100 provides several options for printing mode such as border, borderless, and sticker paper. It can cover entire paper if you choose the borderless mode. For a sticker paper, printer will put up to eight stickers for single printing. Canon improves compatibility in this printer to be more reliable. You may connect to camera and computer. Direct printing will be faster if you use the camera. Select photo and choose printing section. On the other hand, printing via the computer requires driver.

Print speed depends on resolution and paper size. For high-resolution printing, you wait up to 2 minutes. Printing is faster for sticker that can make up to eight pictures in single page. Bigger paper also takes more time for printing. Data transfer and connectivity rely on USB port and cable. You plug printer and camera for direct printing. the power consumption is 50 W and you need adapter for power supply. As alternative, Canon CP100 can utilize a car battery as long as enough an electrical power. Those are features you obtain in this printer.


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